Six weeks after the explosion at the company BASF in Ludwigshafen, where the corps home of the Heartliner was severely damaged, the corps can start to move forward again. BASF has offered the Heartliner a temporary premises.

The renovation on and around the site of the corps home will take some time and until that work is done, the building cannot be used. The BASF housing company, along with the gas company Gascade that owns the gas line where the accident occurred, has made an empty kindergarten school available.

In the coming weeks, the Heartliner will use this temporary location on the Madrider Weg 7 in Ludwigshafen. “We would like to thank BASF and Gascade for their support,” said the Heartliner. The club also thanked Ms Klöckner in the Oppau neighbourhood for providing an abandoned warehouse where the corps has been able to store its equipment that is still useable.

Work on a gas line of the chemicals group BASF in Ludwigshafen caused a huge explosion at the end of October where one person died and dozens were wounded. The explosion took place next to the corps home of the Heartliner.