After the tragic explosion last year, which left Heartliner's corps home in Ludwigshafen completely devastated, the restoration is at full speed, now that the surrounding neighborhood apartments have been renovated.

The building was stripped to the core. The focus of measures is on new electricity and water installations. The soil outside of the building, which was heavily destroyed by chemicals from the extinguishing water, was removed and will be renewed.

Heartliner's initial plan to return to the site with their annual Family Day on 1st May had to be put aside. Even though a speedy process was demanded, the contracted companies were picked in a time-consuming procedure. "Nevertheless, a couple of weeks won't ruin the project", the corps said.

Work on a gas line of the chemicals group BASF in Ludwigshafen caused a huge explosion in October last year. One person died and dozens were wounded. The explosion took place next to the corps home of the Heartliner.