With the slogan "Ja! Wir sind wieder da!" ("Yes! We're back!"), the Heartliner are celebrating their return to the renovated corps home located in Ludwigshafen-Oppau - Germany.

After requests from local residents, the corps will organise a community party, supported by mayor Eva Lohse from Ludwigshafen. Work on a gas line of the chemicals group BASF in Ludwigshafen caused a huge explosion in October last year. The explosion took place next to the corps home of the Heartliner. The rebuilding work is now almost done.

The corps home went through a time-consuming restoration and does now have a brilliant new look. Heartliner invite everyone to celebrate with them and explore the new premises. 'Heartliner Day' will be on 4th July and is officially opened by Dr. Eva Lohse and district mayor Udo Scheuermann at 11.30 am.