The Indoor Music Games and SoundSport are coming to Middelburg - The Netherlands, on Saturday 23rd April 2016, with a contest to be run in collaboration with Juliana Drum & Bugle Corps.
The Indoor Music Games are a series of contests, including DCI SoundSport, from February to May which will be held in several European countries. The shows are aimed at groups who wish to enter competitions without having to jump in the deep end straight away, as well as groups that want to get advance feedback on their programme before participating in the summer competition. The judging system of the Indoor Music Games is based on the European judging system of the European Music Games, with DCE certified judges. These will also judge all SoundSport performances.
The show in Middelburg will be organised in collaboration with Juliana. On 23rd April, Juliana will also hold its annual preview evening, and the two events will be interwoven creating a spectacular programme for the audience. “We fully support the initiative of the Indoor Music Games ”, said Juliana chairman Hiels Oving. “It's a good way to involve more groups and people in our activity.”
The first show of the Indoor Music Games 2016 is on 27th February in Dublin (Ireland), and the season will end on Saturday 21st May in Glasgow (Scotland). The complete season will be announced soon.