Juliana and their feeder unit Johan Friso from Middelburg are getting their own outdoor facilities for rehearsals, and a private storage place. Work on the field has already begun, but the corps is still looking for financial help. Interested parties can 'buy' part of the field.

Interested to be the 'owner' of Juliana’s 50 yard line? Or do you prefer the pit area? Every square metre of Juliana's new field can be symbolically purchased. Of the 5,000 square metres, the first 3,000 square metres of the field have already been purchased by Zeeland Seaports NV, the Middelburg council and Accountant firm Rijkse. There are currently 2,000 square metres available. A square metre costs 5 euros and the minimum purchase is 5 square metres.

Once someone has bought one or several square metres of grass, their name or company name will be placed in that location on the digital field. The corps home also has a list on display of which party has purchased which part of the field. The purchases can be shared via Facebook and Twitter.