With only a few days to go before the 2016 Indoor Music Games/SoundSport kick off, DCI Executive Director Daniel Acheson sent a note to the participants and organizers.

"It is with great pleasure that I offer my congratulations to all of the participants and organizers of the Indoor Music Games/SoundSport series. Drum Corps International (DCI) is proud to be a part of a global community that embraces the pursuit of excellence through the performance of music, marching, and dance. It is through this life transforming experience that we all connect in a unique and positive way. The Indoor Music Games/SoundSport series is an outstanding example to us all of the positive impact on both performers and fans when two great associations such as Drum Corps International and Drum Corps Europe combine forces to grow the activity.

DCI is delighted to be sharing our SoundSport program with our international partners as we set out to engage the next generation of marching music students and enthusiasts globally. Through increased accessibility and opportunities for all people, it is our hope that this initiative will bring the World together with new and exciting productions and events.

DCI congratulates all of the participants, music educators, instructors and organizers for your dedication and tireless effort. We are grateful too that family and friends surround you in the audience as well as on the journey that brings you to the Indoor Music Games/SoundSport series. Your passion to achieve your goals through your outstanding performances is an inspiration to us all.

Embrace the moment and enjoy the celebration!

Most Sincerely,

Daniel E. Acheson
Executive Director, CEO"

SoundSport: www.soundsport.com
Indoor Music Games: www.drumcorpseurope.org/img