This year, Spirit of 52 from Rastede will be taking part in contests in no less than three countries. As well as Germany and the Netherlands, the DCE Premier Class finalist will also make an appearance in the UK, where they will be participating in the DCUK Leicester show.

In the past, Spirit of 52 has made appearances in Canada, Poland, France and Denmark. Now England has been added to that list. Prior to the DCUK contest, the corps is working on English soil to perfect the show 'Out of the Dark?'. The rehearsal location is close to London, and on the Saturday before the show, the corps has therefore made time for a visit to the British capital.

Aside from DCUK, Spirit of 52 has also registered for the competition at Drum Corps Netherlands, the Rasteder Musiktage and the DCE European Championships. The corps from Rastede is making the most of the European Music Games 2016.