The Troopers will have new uniforms this year. The new look will be lighter, with rolled up sleeves.

"We had to re-brand and create a new look for the Troopers", visual coordinator Michael Raiford said. "Something that moves us forward. The overall palette is lighter, starting with the cream hats and jackets. The light-blue sleeves are rolled up. Multiplied by 120 musicians, the overall look is calculated to provide greater visual contrast between the drill forms and the green field than was possible in darker uniforms."

At the same time, Raiford said, "We wanted it to feel human, accessible. We were looking for the human quality of it, with clear nods to history." About that history: no matter how much a uniform may change, it needs to be instantly recognizable, Raiford added. "When people see it, we want them to say, 'Who the...?' And then, 'It has to be Troopers.' A moment of intrigue, followed by instant identification."