Beatrix Drum & Bugle Corps from Hilversum has a new board. The newly appointed management has stated that it wants to expand the corps and put it back on the map.

In the recent members' meeting, Alfred Middendorp (chairman), Bram Koot (secretary) and Hans Mol (treasurer) were chosen as the first board members in the new structure. The three-headed board will outsource many of the executive and directive tasks to management teams.

"The board will mainly play a role in the area of general vision and the facility services," stated Middendorp, Koot and Mol. "We try to keep the lines of communication to our members as short as possible and to actively listen to them. This allows us to work on the new direction of Beatrix and further develop Jong Beatrix and the youth education programme Kids in the Band."

The new board members would like to thank their predecessors for all of the work they've done. "Without their perseverance and love for the club, Beatrix would not be where it is today."