Drum Corps Europe has chosen Facebook as the new communication tool with corps. Until now, they used a platform called Yammer, but that is becoming increasingly unsuitable, leading to a need for change.

DCE has been using Yammer for communications since 2012, but is now switching to the biggest social media platform, Facebook. "Yammer has plenty of great features, but it is not developing in the direction that we would like it to,", says DCE board member Marco Janssen. "Facebook has a number of advantages over Yammer."

One of the advantages is that many corps board and staff members already have a Facebook account and therefore don't need an extra app to follow the information from DCE. Information about the DCE Championships now shows up on people's Facebook timelines. There is a closed group that board and staff members can join.

The DCE network on Yammer will stay active as an archive for the time being, but will be taken offline in due time.