The two Italian groups of the Mosson Secutores project will appear under the new name 'Unity' at the DCE European Championships this year. The Drum Corps Europe board has approved the name change in the list of participants.

According to the staff team of the Unity show project, the new name is the triggering factor motivating every member of the group. "It is the best way for them to honor the 2015 show because it was the one telling the audience the beginning of their story. And actually, they want to keep on writing it."

The new name stands for the ongoing journey Mosson Secutores started together: their mission hasn’t changed. "Striving to reach the same goal is at the basis of the project. People joining the group share the same objective and this doesn’t only allow the creation of wider artistic opportunities but also gives performers the chance to grow. They now have the opportunity to be part of a group creating a show, which would have been impossible if the groups hadn’t joined forces."

"At the same time though, performers keep a strong bond with their groups of origin to whom they transmit their enthusiasm, new experiences and insight in this amazing drum corps world." (Text: Agnese Borgo)