The director of the Japanese instrument brand Tama Drums, Ken Hoshino, will be opening the new training field for Juliana from Middelburg next week. Juliana is moving to the new location because the old location has to make way for houses.

For months, volunteers from Juliana have worked on the new location, which lies outside Middelburg's municipal borders. Because of the risk of noise pollution, a rehearsal field in the corps' own city was not possible, and an accommodation was made available in Vlissingen-Oost thanks to the cooperation of port authority Zeeland Seaports.

The official opening is on Tuesday 21st June by Hoshino from Tama Drums, sponsor of Juliana. Thereafter, the 'musical sports pitch' as Juliana is referring to the new field, will immediately be initiated. It is a private event, accessible to anyone who has 'adopted' a part of the field by making a monetary contribution.