Jubal and Jong Jubal were crowned DCN champions in Dordrecht on Saturday. It was the fourth time in a row that Jubal took home the title. In addition, the corps won awards in all but two captions.

'The Next Ten Minutes' by Jubal were found to be 'The Best Ten Minutes' of the day. The judges awarded the performance a score of 82.40 points, which led to the lead position in the European Music Games ranking. Juliana was a deserving second place with 'Poisoned', scoring 78.20, and also won the award for best Front Ensemble. However, the corps from Middelburg will be looking over their shoulder to their colleagues from Bad Münder. The Starriders managed to close the gap to the number two place quite substantially since the contest in Huizen, from 4.6 to just 1.7 points (76.5). Aside from winning bronze, the Starriders also won the High Auxiliary Award with their show 'About Time'.

Spirit of 52 came fourth and even came in second place on Field Music. The show 'Out of the Dark?' went from 69.75 to 72.1 points within a week, closing the gap with the number three and increasing their lead on the number five, Wölper Löwen. The judges awarded 69.40 points to Wölper Löwen’s show, 'Guardian Angel'. Calypso from Zwevegem debuted in Dordrecht with an excellent sixth place (60.4). The Belgians will also be performing their show 'Colours of Friendship' at the DCE European Championships in Kerkrade, after several years of absence.

'Dr. Frankenstein' by the Blue Diamonds reached seventh place with 59.0 points, but was not far off Calypso’s score. It will therefore still be an exciting battle in Kerkrade. The only participant in the DCN Championships that we unfortunately will not see in Kerkrade is Jong-Holland. The corps from Zwijndrecht, which was seen last year in Kerkrade, performed their show 'Krimonai' on the contest field for the last time this year. Jong-Holland came eighth with 55.10 points.

In the Junior Class, Jong Jubal took the title from Johan Friso. The 76.15 points were not only sufficient for victory, but also for the lead in the European rankings. What’s more, all caption awards were awarded to Jubal's younger brother. Jong Beatrix came second (74.45), Johan Friso third (72.30) and the Jong-Holland Junioren fourth (67.35).