The Company are the 2016 Drum Corps United Kingdom Open Class Champions. The performance ensemble scored 85.40 points in Widnes on Saturday and also won all caption awards. The Concord Allstars are DCUK Junior Class Champions.

It was an exciting day in Widnes. In the afternoon, The Company incurred 0.9 penalties,. The Kidsgrove Scouts won the Prelims with a difference of 0.05 points. In the evening, The Company scored 85.40, while the Kidsgrove Scouts received a score of 83.20.

It is clear that 'Inspire Me' by The Company and 'Symmetricity' by the Kidsgrove Scouts are two completely different programmes, allowing the audience to be presented with a wide variety of show concepts. But the other corps also provided plenty of variety, such as Cadence, whose show 'Arcana' combined 'Smells Like Teen Spirit' by Nirvana with 'Danse Macabre' by Camille Saint-Saens. They came third (66.90).

East Coast Elite came close to Cadence. ECE improved on their Prelims score in the evening by 2.5 points, and scored 66.30 points in the Finals. Revolution came fifth (62.90), followed by Beeches (62.75), Phantom Knights (54.75) The Pacemakers (53.80) and Liberty (49.60). The Concord Allstars were the only participant in the Junior Class (59.00), and are the Junior Class Champions.

The Company, Kidsgrove Scouts, Cadence, Revolution and Beeches will be travelling to Kerkrade this week to participate in the DCE European Championships, along with sixteen other groups from seven different countries.