Drum Corps World publisher Steve will be attending the DCE European Championship this Saturday in Kerkrade - The Netherlands. He will be writing reports on the event and two the American staff photographers, Richard Wersinger and Chris Maher, will be there to shoot along the sidelines.

"I am going to spend a few days ahead of the DCE Championships with my friend Steve Hars, former director of the Basildon Blue Eagles, then travel to Kerkrade on Friday", Vickers says, "I had such a fantastic time last September that I decided six years between visits was too much time to wait. Fortunately, I had enough frequent-flyer miles to arranged a roundtrip flight from Madison to London."

Vickers was quite impressed with every group, even the youngest and smallest. "Corps in North America made up of 12 to 16-year-olds weren’t nearly as solid ad all the ones I saw last year in Kerkrade. And I’m looking forward to seeing European representation in 2017 when Kidsgrove Scouts make another appearance at the DCA Championships and The Company competes at the DCI Championships in Indianapolis. Congratulations to every corps that will be participating in Kerkrade and I hope 2016 will be a great season for the entire roster!"

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