At this year's DCE Prelims two extra commentaries will be given to the corps. Marie Czapinski and Dave Cooksey have agreed to provide educational tapes (not judging tapes) to the participating units. They will look at the level of training, provide advise and give tips and tricks about how to improve the training of members.

Marie is co-founder of Winter Guard International, played a key rol in the formation and development of Bands of America and was DCI Visual Caption Coordinator for many years. She is well known for her clinic presentations, integrity and creativity. At this moment she is also a visual consultant to the Phantom Regiment.

Dave is active internationally as a music adjudicator and brass instructor. He has been a DCI judge and the last 16 years he has been brass instructor for Madison Scouts, Crossmen, Cavaliers and Phantom Regiment where he is currently low brass instructor. Dave is also the music educator for the DCE judging team.

The recordings will be put on the DCE Dashboard. Hopefully this will provide the instructors useful information which can help them plan the next season.