Drum Corps Europe are pleased to announce the dates for the 2017 IMG SoundSport shows. Following a successful inaugural season last year, the series will again be held across four European countries and will feature two shows in England for the first time:

Sat 18.02.2017 Dublin, Ireland
Sat 25.03.2017 Glasgow, Scotland
Sat 08.04.2017 Forest of Dean, England
Sat 22.04.2017 The Netherlands (provisional)
Sat 06.05.2017 Essex, England

Each show will feature two categories, firstly DCI SoundSport followed by the DCE Indoor Music Games. Both formats are aimed at encouraging new or former bands and corps to form/reform and get involved in the activity, at a level that is more achievable at this point in time. It can also be used by groups who are going through a rebuilding process as the demands of this type of contest are less than that of normal marching band/drum corps competition.

All shows are held indoors in venues such as sports halls or gymnasiums, similar to those used for Winterguard events and feature just 3 judges. After performing all bands return to the arena at the end of the show where the results of both sections are announced. The season is held in the spring to allow groups who wish to go on and compete in the summer season to do so.

IMG/SoundSport Coordinator Andy Hewlett said "I'm pleased that we've been able to get the show dates agreed early for next year, as it gives potential competitors plenty of time to plan ahead. The 2016 series was a big success and I'm looking forward to building on that for next season"

Full details for all shows will be released shortly, but general information about the series is available from andy@drumcorpseurope.org.