Every year thousands of drum corps fans come to the DCE European Championships for the best that Europe has to offer in drum corps. Are you coming too this year? Order your tickets Monday night via the DCE website and enjoy 30 amazing drum corps shows at the Parkstad Limburg Stadium in Kerkrade on Saturday 30th September.

Prices for seats range from 17.50 to 32.50 euros, and tickets give access to the stadium throughout the day and evening (a maximum of 20 tickets per order). If you want to attend the event in complete luxury, you can order a Super Seat for 125 Euros, with overnight stays at the stadium hotel as an optional extra. In addition to your own seat with a great view on the field, a Super Seat also offers complimentary refreshments, lunch, dinner and a free subscription to the DCE Video Vault.

Orders can be paid using PayPal, credit card, iDeal (The Netherlands), Mister Cash (Belgium) and SofortBanking. Payment costs will be added to the order. The DCE Ticket Store will open at exactly 8 pm GMT / 9 pm CET.

Section A: € 32.50
Section B: € 27.50
Section C: € 25.00
Section D: € 22.50
Section E: € 20.00
Section F: € 17.50