3 UK Corps Register for 2019 EMG Finals line-up!

Drum Corps Europe is pleased to announce that 3 UK corps have registered..

Beeches, Kidsgrove Scouts and The Company join the line-up for the 2019 European Music Games Finals in Enschede.

Rob van Koningshoven on behalf of Drum Corps Europe stated:

“The Board of DCE has been working with the UK corps to address their concerns and as a result of a constructive discussion, solutions were found for the logistical problems the UK corps faced. We now look forward to hosting another fantastic European Music Games Finals in Enschede”.

Alan Thompson on behalf of DCUK stated:

“We are really pleased that this has now been resolved and on behalf of the UK Corps would also like to thank those involved in the discussions for their time and effort and a special thanks to the other European Corps that have helped in the process. It is great to see how the Corps have all worked together and we look forward to a great European Championships in September”

The total amount of participating drum corps to date will be 16, with new and re-entering corps.

Ticket sales will start on May 1st.

DCE is working on a possibility to pre-order tickets for their loyal fans.

More details will follow.