Diamond Cadets

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Diamond Cadets

29336 Nienhagen, Germany

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European Music Games

Latest score: 63.25 - DCE Championships, 29 Sep 2018
Highest score current season: No scores available
Highest score ever: 68.45 - DCE Championships, 24 Sep 2016

Latest scores

DCE Championships 29 September 2018 63.25
DCUK Contest Telford 09 September 2018 56.50
German Open 01 September 2018 54.65
DCE Championships 30 September 2017 66.25
German open 02 September 2017 64.65


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21 September 2015

Diamond Cadets play on instruments of their own making

For the members of a junior corps, it is often difficult to carry heavy instruments. The Blue Diamonds from Nienhagen solved that problem by developing their own series of instruments: Diamond Musical Instruments.


24 August 2015

Diamond Cadets enter DCE Championships 2015

The Diamond Cadets, the junior corps of the Blue Diamonds from Nienhagen, have decided to enter the DCE European Championships this year. It will be the first appearance of the German junior corps at DCE.


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