Very exciting competition at DCE Finals!

  With the latest scores and rankings known now, it’s going to be very exciting Finals this week! Not only between the 1st and 2nd place, but most certainly for the places 3 until 6! Also at the places 7 until 12 changes are still possible. All in all a competition worth visiting and supporting your favorite Corps! Don’t miss […]

New presentation team

Drum Corps Europe is proud to introduce the new presentation team for the 2019 Finals of the European Music Games. The “new” speaker will be Andy Hewlett. He was already speaker with DCE in the past, until he decided to march again. The new analysts will be Robby Overvliet, who is well known for his interviews on the field and […]

DCE welcomes D’Addario Europe

Drum Corps Europe is pleased to welcome D’Addario Europe as a new sponsor. D’Addario Europe is known for their brands Evans and Promark. Chick Evans invented the synthetic (or plastic, or polyester) drumhead in 1956. He was the first person to use polyester film to form a drumhead, succeeding in creating a weatherproof head, and ultimately changing the drum world […]

DCE renews strategic partnership DCI

Drum Corps Europe is pleased to announce their renewed strategic partnership with Drum Corps International. The contract was signed during the DCI World Championships in Indianapolis last month. DCE is looking forward to a close cooperation with DCI to exchange ideas and solutions for common topics and developments.

On the starting line (4), Youngstars from Rastede

Drum Corps Europe is pleased to welcome Youngstars from the North German Ammerland. The junior corps is founded as a youth section of Showband Rastede. After competing in several National events of the European Music Games, the young musicians and color guard is now also competing in the International contest in Enschede. They were very successful with their current show […]

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