Pre-sale is going well

We’re halfway the pre-sale and it is going well. There are still good seats available, although the 50 yard sections are going fast. The introduction of choosing your own seat, last year, is still a great success. Especially in pre-sale it is a great option to select the best seat(s) yourself. Although the amount of tickets you can order is […]

British corps Revolution registered

Drum Corps Europe is pleased to announce the registration of the British corps Revolution. The total amount of participating British corps at the European Music Games Finals is now 4 and the total amount of participants is 17. Also a French brass ensemble with members of the corps of the new formed Drum Corps France Associates will participate with a […]

DCE presents new logo for 2019 European Music Games Finals

Drum Corps Europe is delighted to reveal the 2019 logo for the 2019 European Music Games Finals. The Finals will be held in a new stadium, where the main color is red. The logo reflects this color. DCE also changed the name of the event into European Music Games Finals. A name that already existed, but was used at various […]

3 UK Corps Register for 2019 EMG Finals line-up!

Drum Corps Europe is pleased to announce that 3 UK corps have registered.. Beeches, Kidsgrove Scouts and The Company join the line-up for the 2019 European Music Games Finals in Enschede. Rob van Koningshoven on behalf of Drum Corps Europe stated: “The Board of DCE has been working with the UK corps to address their concerns and as a result […]

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