The European Music Games Finals are the highlight of the European Music Games. The best corps from all of Europe go head-to-head to win the European titles in the Premier Class (all ages) and the Junior Class (up to 16 years old). The European Music Games Finals take place every year on the last Saturday of September.

The first European Music Games Finals were held in 2001. Since then, the event has become the largest drum corps event in Europe with dozens of participants and thousands of visitors. The event is renowned for its special atmosphere and for the fantastic shows that can be seen on the field every time. An expert judging panel judges the corps according to the rules in the DCE Competition Manual.

The philosophy of Drum Corps Europe includes striving for as few rules as possible. We are here for the corps, not the other way around! The rules that apply can be found in the Terms & Conditions. Interested in participating in the DCE European Music Games Finals? Read our Terms & Conditions for all information.

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