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Donate for our webcast

We are enjoying making the webcast for you every year. We want to make it nicer, better and available for everyone. However the costs of making such a big webcast are increasing every year. To still be able to provide the webcast for free next year we are calling upon you.

If you appreciate our webcast, feel free to enter the amount you want to pay to us and click on Make donation! You will be forwarded to our payment provider, where you can finish your payment.
Please be aware of the following:

  1. If you are paying over 30 euros, we will provide you one year of free Video Vault.
  2. For amounts that are lower, we really appreciate your kindness of showing your appreciation. All amounts count as much for us, and we will use that to step up!
  3. Last year we had a lot of work (and costs) by sending everyone their pledged gifts (patches, DVD etc.). Since we want to focus on what we do best (creating awesome webcasts), we didn't want to do this again this year. We hope you understand this.
  4. We only work with volunteers. This is the only way we can keep it for free. Your pledged amount is used directly for paying next year's webcast.

Please enter your amount in Euros that you want to pledge:

Amount pledged so far:
€ 1247.84
(Goal: €2000)

The control room of the DCE live webcast, last year.