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Monday 5 July 2004

Review: Cadence Spectacular 2004

This years Cadence Spectacular was once again held at the popular Army Rugby Stadium in Aldershot. With a good line up of Corps it promised to be an interesting day. Some black clouds over the Arena looked threatening, but the field looked in good condition for marching.

Saturday 3 July 2004

Blue Knights Alumni to host 'Alumni Biergarten'

The Blue Knights Alumni Association is hosting an 'Alumni Biergarten' at Invesco Field at Mile High during World Championshiops. All drum corps fans are welcome. You must bring proof of age to purchase alcohol.

Saturday 3 July 2004

Petition against the use of amps

Drum corps fan Matthew Briddell has started an online petition against the use of amplification on the DCI competition fields. Over 750 people have already signed the petiton, including some European fans. The petition can be found at petitiononline.com.

Thursday 1 July 2004

DCE reveals new website

Drum Corps Europe has revealed a new website. The new version supports three different languages: English, Dutch and German.

Tuesday 22 June 2004

Live event coverage on DCI website

Building on the success of last year’s DCI.org live coverage, the web team is ready to unleash a new and improved 2004 form of live coverage, which will add several new components to the exclusive live coverage featured at DCI World Championships (and all last summer) in Orlando in 2003.

Saturday 19 June 2004

New DCI product: Audio Performance Downloads

This summer after select DCI performances, you'll be able to purchase and download a corps' entire performance from those shows (or multiple corps or, heck, the entire show) to your computer for one incredibly low price per corps! All from the comfort of your own living room!