The Company and Jong Jubal are the wDCE European champions of 2016. Over 2,000 visitors were treated to 21 fantastic corps with a total of 33 show performances.

The Company and Jong Jubal are the DCE European champions of 2016. Over 2,000 visitors were treated to 21 fantastic corps with a total of 33 show performances.

The Company was already in the lead in the Prelims. That lead was maintained in the evening. 'Inspire Me' was awarded 89.85 points by the judges. That was 0.9 points more than the number two, Jubal from Dordrecht. With 'The Next Ten Minutes', Jubal managed to excel particularly in visual, given the scores by the corps in the Visual captions.

The crowd in Kerkrade loves the Kidsgrove Scouts. This was confirmed again on Saturday, during and after the show 'Symmetricity'. The performance received a big ovation from the drum corps fans in the Parkstad Limburg Stadium. The corps won bronze with 87.00 points. 'Poisoned' by Juliana, the show that will always be known as 'the show with the trees', earned the corps a solid fourth place (82.50), followed by 'About Time' by the Starriders (80.60), who also won the caption award High Auxiliary.

With three corps, both England and Germany were the biggest 'suppliers' of finalists. Cadence managed to reach the Finals for the second year in a row after they entered the DCE arena for the first time last year, and finished ninth with 66.35 points. Besides Starriders, the three German corps making Finals included Wölper Löwen (seventh, 73.40) and Spirit of 52 (eighth, 71.50).

Both Italian participants also reached the ten highest placed corps in Europe. Unity came sixth with 78.85 points (their highest score and place ever) and Millennium made a successful comeback after several years’ absence (tenth, 63.95).

The 'Aqua' programme from Beeches was awarded 63.50 points by the judges, but unfortunately for Beeches this was just outside the top ten. But the corps is progressing well. This year they went up as many as eight places in the European ranking, from nineteenth to eleventh place. Revolution came twelfth, only 0.1 point below Beeches.

Calypso from Belgium is back and its programme 'Colours of Friendship' finished in thirteenth place (62.00). In the ranking of the European Music Games, the corps became fourteenth (out of a total of 28 participants). The Blue Diamonds scored 59.70 (twelfth of Ensemble Visual and eleventh for Visual Field). The Vikings (55.85, fifteenth place) excelled in Visual Effect where they became twelfth.

Jong Jubal took the European title in the Junior Class from Johan Friso. This is the eighth title for the junior corps from Dordrecht (81.55). No other corps has so many DCE titles to its name. Jong Beatrix came second (79.00), the highest position for the corps since 2009. Johan Friso had to take a step back in the final classification this year, but nonetheless managed to take home the bronze (75.50).

Jong-Holland Juniors, Diamond Cadets and Kadoudal made for an exciting international 'battle'. The scores were close together. The Jong-Holland Juniors came fourth (69.30). Less than one point behind were the Diamond Cadets (68.45), and Kadoudal came sixth (68.05) with a difference of only 0.4 points.

Not only in the stands but also at home, thousands of people enjoyed the performances. The scores and recaps are available on the scores page.