2 weeks past that we had IMG/Soundsport Middelburg, now it is time to cross the Canal back
to England, Basildon Essex will be the next place to be for the IMG/Soundsport competition

Saturday 6th may at 14.30 the first of in total 12 corps will take the floor start their competition.

In Soundsport the next corps will present their show:

1) Knights Acadamy (Kent)
2) Essex Marching Corps (Essex)(YOUTH)
3) Project 13 (Kent)
4) High Cross Cadets (Dorset)
5) Cinderford Academy (Gloucestershire)
7) Romford Drum & Trumpet Corps (Essex)

In the IMG class will be the next Corps:

1) Liberty (Midlands) (YOUTH)
2) The Pacemakers Drum & Bugle Corps (Kent)
3) Thurrock Marching Brass (Essex) (YOUTH)
4) Buccaneers Mini Corps (Essex)
5) Bleu Barons Mini Corps (Scotland)

The Judges are:

Nigel Brown (Music)
Barry Davis (Visual)
Joe Fitzpatrick (Overall Impression)

The place were it all will happen:

Basildon Sporting Village, Gloucester Park North,
Cranes Farm Road, A1235, Basildon, Essex, SS14 3GR

On behalf of everyone at Thurrock Marching Brass thank you for supporting the first IMG.SOUNDSPORT
ESSEX and we hope that you have an enjoyable and memorable day with us.