The UK will see the first of their summer contests take place in Barnsley this Sunday, June 18th.

Eight corps in total will take part, with seven in Open class and one in Junior class. The first contest of the year is always an exciting time for all involved, and camps and rehearsals have been taking place across the UK in the last number of weeks and months.

The European Music Games got off to a start in the Netherlands on June 3rd, when Juliana won in the Open Class with a score of 61.40 points and Jong Jubal won the Junior Class with their show “Sensei” and achieved a score of 62.05.

Sundays contest will take place in Barnsley FC Training Academy and begins at 14:00 GMT. More details can be found on the DCUK website and on our show page. Please notice that the DCUK page is leading for information.