In a busy weekend for the European Music Games, Kidsgrove Scouts won a tight contest in Woking. 

The weather and performances were again at a high level in the latest DCUK European Music Games contest, which took place in Woking today, Sunday July 2nd. 

Kidsgrove Scouts improved on their score from Barnsley by over six points and achieved 75.10 with their performance of Montages and Capulets. The Company were just behind with 73.50. 

Scoring is close in all groupings in Premier Class, with just over two points seperating Beeches (62.05) and Cadence (59.90). Just over three points seperated Liberty (51.40) and The Pacemakers (48.15). 

Thurrock Marching Brass took part in their first contest of 2017 and won in Junior Class with a score of 49.85. Cadence Juniors were placed second with 41.65. 

DCUK also introduced the Soundsport category as part of outdoor contests this year, and Cadence Cadets and The Company both took part, achieving Bronze and Silver awards.

The DCUK season continues in Leicester on July 16th. Runners up in Rasteder Musiktage, Starriders will be travelling to take part. 

The full scores can be found on our scores page. The full list of rankings are also available here