Ticket sales will start on May 1st at 21:00 hrs.

Ticket sales for the 2018 DCE European Championships will start at 21.00 on Tuesday May 1st. 

Some new features to the process this year are: 

  • Fans can now choose their own specific seat in the order process. This will give fans more detailed information about where they will be seated.
  • There will also be a small change in the policy for the morning and afternoon program. Until last year, access to the stands was not regulated for specific
    seats, but fans were free to sit where ever you want. Now that fans can order their specific seat, the “free admission” will be maintained, unless someone wants to sit in a seat which has been booked.
  • DCE offers 200 super seats this year, instead of the usual 60 super seats. So, more fans can watch the shows from this spectacular location.
    On top of your exceptional viewing point, super seats include lunch, dinner, evening snacks, drinks and free Video Vault access for a year.
  • For a better accessibility, staff members can watch their show from reserved seats at the top row of the stands now.

The Championships will be held in the Parkstad Limburg stadium, Kerkrade, on
Saturday September 29th 2018.