The Inaugural Indoor Music Games AGM was held at Croft House, Sheffield on Saturday 9th June.

The meeting was very positive and the unanimous feeling was that there was a desire to see the Indoor Activity grow and flourish, catering for all types of Musical Ensembles.

An election of officers took place and the following people were elected for the next 12 months:-

Chair: Andy Hewlett

Vice Chair: Roger Steele

Secretary: Paul Morgan

Season Coordinator: Greg Small

Plans are already underway to hold shows in Scotland, Bristol, the Midlands and Sheffield throughout March and April 2019 with the final show being held in Essex on Saturday May 11.

Season Coordinator Greg Small said “we had a good debate regarding the time of year in which the season should be held, but eventually decided to keep it as a Spring time circuit. This works for Mini Corps and Marching Bands, as those who wish to can then go outdoors for the Summer. It also suits Brass Bands who can get involved once their Area contests are over and for Scholastic units who begin preparations from September onwards.”

The IMG will continue with the successful 3 Class system introduced this year:-

Music & Movement

Percussion Freestyle

Music Ensemble

Further information on the IMG can be obtained from Paul Morgan or Greg Small