New initiative Germany

On Sunday May 27th, representatives of German corps and DCE partners came together with DCE to talk about the German representation in the new DCE foundation.

At the new annual Drum Corps Europe meeting, each country is allowed to send 1 representative with 1 vote. Since DCE has 2 German partners and because of the lack of an overall German organization, a solution needed to be found.

It was a very constructive meeting. Many ideas were shared and there was a very positive outcome. The German corps and partners will start to have more structured and organized conversations with each other to discuss common interest issues and proposals for the DCE annual meetings. At this point it was the mutual feeling that conversations would be a good thing to start with. If so, the need for more in the future will arise from itself. There will be common internet space to share documents and discussions. They will meet again at the Rastede Music Tage.

DCE is very happy with the initiatives and the support and input of Germany. It will help them to build a stronger European drum corps organization.

On the photo (left to right)

  • Heiko Hildebrandt – First Chairman Blue Diamonds
  • Sandra Stephan – First Chairwoman, German Open
  • Patrick Biermann – Second Chairman, Blue Diamonds
  • Carsten Helms – First Chairman, Spirit of 52
  • Rob van Koningshoven – chairman DCE
  • Michael Fischer – German Open
  • Gordon Gerl – Staff Coordinator and Representer of Starriders for DCE