Pre-sale ends tomorrow

The pre-sale of tickets for the 2019 European Music Games Finals ends tomorrow 00:00 hours.

Ticket sales starts again on May 1st at 21:00 hours. From that point on:

  • The pre-sale fee of €10,- is no longer applicable;
  • The limit on tickets will be 20;
  • Groups from 25 persons on, can order tickets with a discount of € 1,50 a ticket. Just send an email with the section you want and the amount of tickets to .
    Sitting together is guaranteed as long as seats are available;
  • If you come with a small group, you can also order your tickets next / close to each other.
    The booking system will offer the best available seats.
    Please read the instructions on the website if you want to adjust the proposed best option of the system;

Since the group bookings, from 25 persons on, with a discount of €1,50 a ticket also starts on May 1st, DCE expects to sell a lot of tickets the first days. So book your best seats now on the website:

If you need help, please contact us at